What this is all about
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UPD Sorry for a self-will, but I thought it was better to push all the action a week further, so more people could participate in it. Hope it will help. Pay attention to the new dates, please!

Draw Jared Week is taking place between September 9th and September 17th.

The goal is to draw a picture of Sam or the actor who plays him, Jared Padalecki.

Why? Just because Jared is SO AWESOME, isn't he? Don't we want more art with Jared? Can there possibly ever be enough of it? No? Well then, GO and DRAW!

And yes, I've got jealous with eclause's project, she's a hero for making this, and I'm a true wannabe =)))

You don’t have to be good at drawing! Any techniques, wherever your abilities and imagination leads, chibis, cartoons, anything goes, pretty much. As long as YOU drew it.

* However it has to be a new art that hasn't been posted elsewhere, otherwise we'll find ourselves reposting the works everyone has already seen =)))

HOW TO SUBMIT: From this moment and up until the 17th September you can e-mail me to draw.jared at gmail.com or send a PM with a picture/link to picture, so that I could post it. Or you can wait and post it by yourself from 9th and up to 17th September, when you'll be able to post in community. You can submit as many drawings as you like, and all of them will be posted. No limits! All I need is your username, and your drawing of Jared(Sam), and you're free to go wild with techniques and everything!

Feel free to ask me questions if there are any and have fun!


Season 6 Reruns
Well, so it would seem that the CW is replaying Season 6 until time for the new season, which hey, I'm down with that! I just finished watching Exile on Main Street, and I still am not sure how I feel about this episode. I mean it's not one of my favorites in particular, but it just sucks because after watching the whole season and then going back, the differences of soulless!Sam and real!Sam stand out so much it's kinda crazy. So it's hellatus and I'm wondering how in the hell I'm gonna get through it! Of course I'll be doing artwork. I signed up for Summer of Sam Love 2011, so that'll be fun and I'll be able to fill some prompts and get some writing done! Woot! I went out yesterday and purchased the new Supernatural novel One Year Gone. I haven't started reading it yet, but I plan on reading it soon! I've heard it's pretty good and is written by Eric Kripke's assistant of 4 years, so with her knowing so much about the show, I'm hoping it'll be a decent read. Eh that's pretty much it for now. I'm such a slacker and lazy at updating this thing, and still getting used to it since this is kinda my first time having a real LJ lol. I'm a total newb at it so please forgive me. Anyway, I'm off to find food and maybe watch old Supernatural episodes so I can have a dose of brotherly love. I miss it! *sobs and slumps off*

*waves shyly*
Sam and Ruby
Hello there. Well, this would be my first entry here. A friend of mine talked me into making an LJ and here I am! After all these years I finally cracked down and really made one. I've never used this before, so this is all very very new to me, so just bear with me! I'm most likely going to be using this for mainly Supernatural purposes, reviews of the episodes, rants and such as well as a place to post my artwork updates since I love to draw. :P I'll probably post the occasional update of my life if I feel it's really important and such, but yeah. Anyway, I'm not really sure what else to say. I still need to learn how to figure everything out! LOL *is totally LJ illiterate*


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